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Villa Rosa Farms

St Leonard, MD

Named after the Sicilian village my family originated from; Villa Rosa Farms is a family owned & operated small business in St. Leonard, MD. Our goal: create beautiful, nourishment-rich products that your body will love. Everything is handmade, with careful thought and lots of love, utilizing local and ethically sourced ingredients.

As a family, it’s always been important to is to know where our food comes from and the impact it has on the world around is. Living with celiac disease, our family has always been very conscious, and cautious, of what we out into and on our bodies. Our three daughters are very active and passionate when it comes to creating Villa Rosa’s “natural goodness”. Whether it be foraging or growing specific ingredients or caring for the animals on the farm, their charisma and curiosity are vital to the process.

Many of our soaps are sold locally at Chesapeake’s Bounty and through our website.

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